NEW YORK — Honda’s 1994 Accord was the most-frequently stolen car in the United States in 2010 for the third straight year as weak security systems and a demand for parts drew thieves, the National Insurance Crime Bureau said Tuesday.

Citing FBI data, the nonprofit trade group said almost 52,000 Honda Accords were stolen in 2010. The 1995 Honda Civic was thieves’ second-favorite car last year and Toyota’s 1991 Camry came in third. Honda and Toyota have been among the top three most stolen cars since 2000.

“There is a substantial black market for hot parts,” Frank Scafidi, a spokesman for Des Plaines, Ill.-based NICB, said in a telephone interview. “A lot of times, those vehicles are stolen and they’re worth more in parts than they are intact.”

This year was the first since 2002 that more domestic cars than foreign models made the NICB’s top 10 list. Ford had three car models on the list, with Chrysler Group’s Dodge Ram and Dodge Caravan.

The increase in the popularity of domestic models may be tied to improvements in the reliability and durability of U.S. cars, said John Abounader, of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

“When they’re a well-made car, they’re going to be stolen,” he said. “U.S. automakers have made advancements. People are noticing them finally.”