As a professor emeritus, retired from the University of New England in Biddeford, Norman Beaupre has authored 14 books with another one coming out in August. Due to popular demand, his French language autobiographical novel is now available in English.

Beaupre writes in French and in English. In fact, he is a rare writer who continues to write in French and translate his own work into English.

Among his published books are novels, biographies and even a play, “La Souillionne.” His writing themes reflect pride in his French heritage and his traditional Franco-American upbringing.

In soon to be published book number 15, he adopts a reflective religious theme. “Simplicity in the Life of the Gospels” is the first time he’s written anything with a theological theme.

“I re-read the entire four Gospels to prepare for writing the spiritual book,” he says.

His first autobiographical book, published in French in 1999, was “Le Petit Manger de Fleurs.” It’s a loving and sometimes wistful portrayal of how his family worked together to influence his life growing up in Biddeford.

“It was my growing up story. I usually tell people I began my writing career by telling my life story because I lived it,” he says.

Readers can relate to the familiar personalities he describes among his family members. Heartwarming stories colorfully describe the people in his extended family and the Franco-American neighbors he knew where he grew up in Biddeford.

Some nostalgic memories will resonate with all readers. For example, Beaupre recalls how his father was among the American radio listeners who were fans of a vintage radio era program, “The Shadow”, a crime-fighting vigilante with psychic powers.

Nearly every paragraph describes charming or woeful attributes of the adults who influenced Beaupre’s formative years. His narrative captures appealing anecdotes about growing up in Maine. His story is especially eloquent when he describes his attraction to some of Maine’s native flowers. They were so lovely that they enticed him, as a young child, to sample eating some of the common varieties.

Since the French version of his book was published, Beaupre received requests from people who want to read an English translation.

“The Little Eater of the Bleeding Hearts: A Memoir,” is the English translation of his 1999 autobiographical story.

Having a copy of both the French and the English versions side by side are an especially pleasurable literary value. Reading both translations provides the opportunity to compare and enjoy Beaupre’s use of colorful idioms expressed throughout his stories. For example, one family member he describes as a person who was not to be adversely crossed.

“You don’t pet a cat the wrong way”, he writes. In the French translation, this expression is “Ne pas flatter la chatte à rebours”.

Both translations describe meaningful stories about the Franco-American culture, the French language and religious traditions experienced through the everyday lives of Beaupre’s family.

Beaupre is already writing his 16th book titled “The Green Man of Bamberg.” He studied how “green men” – architectural elements usually of faces made of leaves or vines – were often included in medieval design during a summer he spent studying gothic architecture in Europe. The particular green man of Bamberg is an actual example of the gothic design he intends to write about in his next book.

Book signings for Beaupre’s book “Simplicity in the Life of the Gospels” are scheduled at parish churches. The book will be available in time for seasonal gift giving.

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