PORTLAND — After a 90-minute executive session this morning, the Cumberland County Civic Center trustees recommended a bond of up to $33 million for renovations of the 34-year-old downtown venue.

If the Civic Center used all $33 million, taxpayers could see an increase of up to $5 per year annually for a $200,000 home.

But Neal Pratt, the chairman of the trustees, said he hopes the project’s cost comes in significantly lower. The trustees chose a “very conservative” number in case of a “worst-case scenario,” said trustee Joe Bruno.

Six of the eight trustees approved the $33 million plan. The other two trustees preferred a bond that wouldn’t exceed $30 million. The three Cumberland County Commissioners will now vote Monday on whether to send the bond to the voters in November. They will likely do so, since two of the commissioners have already expressed support for the project.