PORTLAND — A construction supervisor was hit early this morningt after a taxi driver accidently entered a construction zone on Tukey’s Bridge.

The incident occurred around 1:10 a.m. when Abdi Egeh of Lewiston disregarded the barrels blocking a northbound lane and drove his taxi into the closed lane, Maine State Police Trooper Douglas Cropper said. He had four female passengers at the time.

Cropper said construction workers immediately told him to back out and drive in the open lanes. Egeh then put the car in drive instead of reverse, hitting the construction supervisor. He then drove away from the scene, Cropper said.

The construction supervisor said he had some back pain, but did not ask for medical assistance, Cropper said. Egeh was later found at his Lewiston home and charged with failing to obey lane controls.

The Maine Department of Transportation had announced the previously closed northbound center lane on the bridge would reopen Friday night and a lane along the side of the bridge would be closed.