Do you use a GPS device to navigate when you travel? Something else? How do you like it?

It’s easy to get lost on a trip, so a piece of technology like a GPS unit can be very helpful. Other options are phone apps and online directions to print out — and there’s always a trusty paper map for people who prefer them. 

“I used to. I do like them only for the directions. They clutter my car and the voices are annoying! They are a major thing stolen from cars so I sold mine.” — Facebook follower Nora Bryant 

“I don’t — I would rather use a map. However, when traveling alone I can’t look at maps so would like to get one so I can see the map in front of me.” — Facebook follower Lisa Lambert 

“Have 3 GPSs. I love my Mio, it’s only gotten me ‘mixed up’ twice and reasonably so, after seeing the area. I’ve used it all over the country for 5 years now. Hate the Garmin Nuvi and … the other Garmin we have, they are pain to use and try to take you crazy places. Never had one stolen. We keep them in the consoles, unless being used. Sometimes use the GPS on my phone.” — Facebook follower Laura Bruns Rogers 

“I am lost without it. The only thing that I don’t quite understand is when I am driving down I-95 and it tells me to turn right or left and if I did it would just land me off the road, cause there is no road there. Maybe it wants me to take an off road adventure, and go mudding :)” — Facebook follower Tito Masonry Construction 

“We have a Garmin Nuvi. I hate it. Sometimes it’s impossible to figure out what it wants me to do. Around Logan airport, for instance, It’s especially infuriating.” — Facebook follower Frank Carroll 

“Garmin Nuvi … I live around Logan so I feel your pain Frank. There are so many road updates and rotaries that using the GPS around Boston is difficult! If I’m going on a road trip … AAA maps!” — Facebook follower Samantha Hawkes 

“I would love to see DeLorme work with the GPS companies to improve their functioning in Maine. We were up in the unorganized territories and our TomTom was very confused. Thank God we still had the trusty old Maine Atlas and Gazetteer!” — Facebook follower Anna Hoyt Lyon

“I use a DeLorme map of Maine. Anything else I use AAA maps.” — Facebook follower Alice Clark Goldsmith 

“I have a Garmin and I love it most of the time, but when it goes out in underground areas or at airports, it takes forever to reboot and find a satellite. I’ve had to pull over more than once after going through a tunnel to wait for it to come back online. Very stressful! Otherwise it’s great and very fast at picking up new routes if I didn’t turn when I was supposed to.” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday 

“I use Google maps w/GPS on my iPhone.” — Twitter follower SorePheet

“IPhone app “Mapquest”! Gave my old Garmin to a friend. Even more lost then I!” — Facebook follower Christopher Freeman 

“We use the Android Google maps app. It is not fabulous in Maine, but great for driving in Boston and other cities.” — Facebook follower Bodi Luse 

“I had a Garmin. I LOVED it and was devastated when I broke it by accident. After it broke I used Google Maps.” — Twitter follower AylaRanzz 

“Well, my husband’s parents have it. Is a Magellan and we love it. We used Mapquest before, but GPS is better. >:D” — Twitter follower LupineShadows