Some late add-ons to Portland’s new cruise ship “megaberth” are delaying its completion until Sept. 1.

The state was able to add amenities to the berth because the project was budgeted to cost $6.5 million but the winning construction bid, from the Woolwich-based firm Reed & Reed, came in at $4.9 million. The money for the project came from a state transportation bond approved last year.

The low bid allowed the state to extend the pier, located at the Ocean Gateway terminal on Commercial Street, by 100 feet. It now will extend 1,100 feet into the harbor. The berth also will provide electrical and water service for the ships that tie up, and the electricity will power a winch that will help when the ships are docked.

The additions address concerns that the berth would have lacked services necessary to attract cruise ships to the city.

Nicole Clegg, Portland’s spokeswoman, said the Maine State Pier has been able to accommodate all the ships that have come to the city so far this summer but that the new berth will be the preferred tie-up for large passenger ships that visit in the future.

The megaberth had been expected to open in mid-July, but the contract was extended after a state task force came up with the list of additional amenities.