What email service do you use?

There are many reliable email services online. It used to be that America Online was the No. 1 place to be, but that’s changed. Now there’s Hotmail, Yahoo, personal networks and Gmail, which looks like it has started to take the crown. That’s not a huge surprise. Gmail comes with calendar, a shared document program and a connection to Google Search and Google Plus. Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL are still going strong too. They have chat options, saved archives and file sharing to varying degrees, and AOL Instant Messenger is available without needing the entire system. We asked our followers what they use. It looks like Gmail really is dominating right now. Here’s what our community had to say: 

“Hotmail but now am using Gmail because of Android :)” — Facebook Follower Queenie Bowen Dianne 

“I used all of the above but they all went with the times and then creation! Gmail was born. Don’t look back!” — Facebook follower Christopher Freeman 

“Yahoo and like it. My husband uses Gmail for his Android. It is hard to recover your password.” — Facebook follower Linda Merrigan Croce 

“Gmail; can’t live without GChat or Google Calendar!” — Twitter follower BenGoodman 

“I use Gmail for personal, MS outlook for work. Outlook makes things harder to track conversations and takes up more space. I love everything about Gmail, I have yet to find a client for Gmail that downloads it nicely, but I’m OK using their site.” — Twitter follower DarlaBear 

“Gmail — I love the integration with Google Docs, which I use for lesson plans — can access a lesson and teach anywhere.” — Twitter follower GroundResonance 

“I only wish Gmail had a ‘ding’ when a new email arrives …” — Facebook follower Kris Kustron Bear 

“I had Hotmail before and it was terrible. My account got hacked and I tried to close/delete it and they still managed to mess with all my contacts even after. I had AOL before which wasn’t great, and Yahoo I didn’t like the look of. I’ve used Gmail since and I love it so much. I love the calendar, chat and docs too.” — Twitter follower WaftingCurtains 

“I use Gmail. I used Yahoo forever but all my friends switched. PS, AOL is dead!” — Twitter follower Freeman0032 

“Gmail, and I love it. Over several years I had multiple bad experiences with Hotmail. I won’t use them again.” — Twitter follower Datalaughing 

“I like Gmail, and I like everything about it, but I especially like the way you can link multiple Gmail accounts to a main.” — Twitter follower HollywoodRon 

“My mother still uses AOL, I keep telling her to switch to Gmail. I haven’t used AOL in years! Love the Gmail chat option the most, and very easy to use from an Android. Also have Yahoo. The archive system in that is great and sometimes Gmail groups emails strangely.” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday