BIDDEFORD — Councilors will discuss a proposed ordinance tonight that would hold landlords liable for disturbances at their properties.

The ordinance, which was reviewed and approved by the Policy Committee on Aug. 8, would address police response to disorderly conduct at rental properties throughout the city. Offenses could be anything that poses a threat to public health, convenience, welfare or safety and may create a public nuisance — from loud music or drug activity to code violations.

If a property is visited by police more than twice within 30 days, landlords will be notified. The property would be designated a “disorderly house” after police visit three times for a building with fewer than five units, four times with a building with between six and 10 units and five times for a building with more than 11 units.

Once designated disorderly, the landlord would be required to meet with city representatives to identify possible remedies and sign a written agreement. Fines of $50 per police response in excess of nine in a 30-day period could be charged if the landlord refuses to address the problem, takes ineffective measures in addressing the problem or fails to implement the plan agreed upon by the landlord and city representatives.

Tonight’s council meeting starts at 7 p.m. in council chambers. If the council moves to pass the ordinance, Council Chairman Bob Mills said there will be a second reading Sept. 6 with action. The ordinance would take effect in 30 days if accepted by the council at that time.