AUGUSTA — A twin-engine plane landed safely at the Augusta State Airport this morning after the pilot reported his landing gear had locked.

Firefighters stood by until the Beachcraft Baron twin-engine aircraft was on the ground.

Augusta Fire Chief Roger Audette said it was an instrument malfunction of the light twin-engine.

The emergency call came in at 7:30 a.m., Audette said.

“The pilot wasn’t sure his landing gear was down, if it had locked or not,” Audette said today. “We were out there as a precaution. He did a great job landing. They have a bunch of procedures to follow. He circled until we got into position and once we were ready he came down. There were no issues.”

Audette said the department used to have a firefighter stationed at the airport, but federal funding to support program ran out last year.

Augusta fire and police were at the scene, he said.