PORTLAND — Portland Public Schools will expand the Head Start preschool programs at Riverton Elementary School and East End Community School.

The district will double the number of available slots for 4-year-olds at the Riverton program, from 18 to 36. It will also have 18 slots available at East End. Head Start is a federally funded preschool initiative, which partners with Portland Public Schools.

Although students from the East End and Riverton districts will get preference in enrollment, all 4-year-olds in Portland are eligible. Ten slots at Riverton and five slots at East End will be decided through a lottery, and in a change from last year, not all students have to meet income requirements to be eligible.

The deadline for applying is Sept. 1. For applications, rules and other information, contact Linda Goyet at Head Start ([email protected], or 207-553-5816); Ginny Lofman at Riverton ([email protected], or 207-874-8210); or Deborah Wiley at East End ([email protected] or 207-874-8228).