Bryce Harper pulled up as he rounded second base and, eventually there were groans in Portland.

Harper is the much-hyped prospect of the Washington Nationals, last year’s No.1 pick in the Major League Baseball draft and the top-rated prospect in all of baseball according to Baseball America. Harrisburg is in Portland to play the Sea Dogs for three games starting Monday, but Harper injured his right hamstring in Harrisburg’s game Thursday in Akron and his status is not clear.

The Sea Dogs front office said there has been a “significant bump” in tickets sales, anticipating Harper’s arrival. Harper T-shirts have even been on sale at the Hadlock Field gift shop. But after Thursday’s game, Harrisburg Manager Tony Beasley told Jonas Fortune of the Akron Beacon Journal that he was not sure the extent of Harper’s injury, but “I’m sure he’ll be down for a while.”

Harper reached base on a walk and tried to advance to third base on a double by Archie Gilbert. After rounding second, Harper pulled up about halfway to third base and limped his way the rest of the way to the third. He did not put weight on his right leg as he was helped off.

“He felt his hammy a little bit when he was coming around second. We’ll see where he is at tomorrow,” Beasley told the Akron Journal. “It’s hard to tell the severity of it at this point. I don’t think he popped it.”

Harper was unavailable for comment after the game, but was visible in the locker room, standing on the leg and did not seem in pain.

“It’s nothing major. We’ll just give it as much time as it needs and make sure he is OK before he gets back on the field,” Beasley said.

Players on the disabled list normally travel with their team (although Harper is not your normal prospect). And he has been generous with his time signing autographs for kids.