CONCORD, N.H. – Lawmakers worried a lawsuit by a hunter will prompt landowners to close their lands to hunting and other recreational activities will meet Tuesday to discuss how to tighten New Hampshire’s law protecting landowners from liability.

State Rep. Gene Chandler said Friday he plans to introduce legislation but has not yet drafted a bill. He said several lawmakers will meet with Fish and Game Commission members to talk about what needs to be done to alleviate landowners’ fear of lawsuits if they keep their land open for recreation.

Fish and Game Executive Director Glenn Normandeau said Thursday the commission voted unanimously to work with the Legislature to strengthen landowners’ protections.

Another meeting will be held toward the end of August for the public to comment, said state Sen. Andy Sanborn.

The leaders are concerned about a lawsuit by William Jasmin, 51, a Manchester hunter who fell about 20 feet when a tree stand collapsed. He was severely injured.

Chandler, R-Bartlett, hopes landowners will see that lawmakers are working to shore up the laws protecting them and hold off closing their land to recreation.