Photo of skater helps end mystery over cemetery urn

Army officials have determined the identity of remains from an urn interred at Arlington National Cemetery that had been wrongly placed in a mass grave.

The urn was among eight cremated remains found last year at the cemetery amid reports of misplaced graves and faulty record-keeping. The identity of one urn had a tantalizing clue: a photo of a young ice skater.

Army investigators tried for months to track down the skater’s identity. On Friday, The Washington Post ran a front-page story about the search.

Within hours the skater was identified as Rachel Stecher of Ashburn, Va., who is now enrolled at the Air Force Academy. The remains belonged to her grandmother, Gwyn Stecher, who died in 2001.

Cemetery officials say they will re-inter the remains.


Stunt pilot dies after plane nose-dives, crashes at show

A stunt pilot was killed in a fiery crash during an air show Saturday after his plane appeared unable to pull out of a downward spiral and nose-dived into the ground, witnesses said.

Missouri Department of Aviation spokesman Joe McBride said the pilot couldn’t pull out of a maneuver and crashed the biplane into the grass at a downtown airfield.

McBride said it was the first fatal crash at the annual Kansas City Aviation Expo Air Show. Event officials identified the pilot as Bryan Jensen. No other information was released.

The show is expected to resume today.


Officials release riot footage of shots being fired at police

Masked men fired gunshots at unarmed officers and a police helicopter during this month’s riots in the English city of Birmingham, the city’s police force says.

West Midlands Police on Saturday released footage of the men firing shots during the riots Aug. 9.

Chief Constable Chris Sims called it “a concerted and organized attempt to kill or injure police officers” and appealed for people to help police catch the gunmen.

Police also said Saturday they had arrested two more suspects in the deaths of three men run down by a car in Birmingham as they protected shops from looters.

Nine people have been arrested in the deaths of Haroon Jahan, 20, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31. 

— From news service reports