PORTLAND — Rumblings from a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia were felt in Maine.

State Geologist Robert Marvinney of the Maine Geological Survey says this afternoon’s quake was felt across southern Maine, from roughly Augusta to the New Hampshire border. He says people could feel the shaking indoors, particularly in upper stories, but that the tremors were too weak to cause any damage.

Mike Foley, senior geologist with the Maine Geological Survey, said the agency fielded many calls from people who reported feeling the quake, which struck at 1:51 p.m. and was centered in the town of Louisa, Va., northwest of Richmond.

“Most people report shaking and feeling a rocking motion, venetian blinds kind of shaking,” said Foley. He was not aware of any damage in Maine associated with the quake.

Justine Glynn was in her office at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute on Commercial Street in Portland when she felt the floor “kind of rolling.”

“I put my hands on my desk and still felt the rolling feeling, then looked over to another desk and saw a water bottle rocking back and forth,” Glynn said.

“It stopped after 20-30 seconds, and I wasn’t really sure that it had in fact been an earthquake, but checked my Twitter account right away, and found posts from people all up and down the coast, including Saco, who had felt it,” she said.

Portland Police Capt. Ted Ross said the city’s emergency dispatch center had received a couple of calls from residents who felt some movement, but there were few calls and no damage reported.

In Westbrook, workers at Idexx Laboratories were evacuated from the Thomas Drive facility, public safety officials said.

Dick Daigle, director of facilities for Idexx, said the call center on Thomas Drive, with about 300 people, was evacuated after workers felt the building shake.

Westbrook Public Safety Chief Mike Pardue said firefighters were asked to check the building to make sure there were no gas leaks or other problems and after about 20 minutes declared the building safe.

Kimberly White-Kaiser, director of the York County Emergency Management Agency, said the first reports she received of the earthquake being felt in Maine was from firefighters in the Newfield area. Moments later, firefighters working on a second story porch in Waterboro called.

“They could see the actual porch itself move,” White-Kaiser said. “One of them said it was probably the wierdest thing he’d been through.”