In a recent editorial, you made a boatload of charges against Gov. LePage (“Governor discredited by his own anti-media tirade,” July 31). According to you he is a bully who lacks character and respect, one who lashes out personally at people and tells outrageous falsehoods. He launches diatribes and frequent tantrums, and all too often shows himself to be “a thin-skinned hypocrite who views anyone who disagrees with him as an enemy.” He does not behave as a figure worthy of respect, and will likely never grow into the job.

My point: In my three-score years and 10 and then some, in a career that spanned the country, I’ve never seen a newspaper beat up anyone as bad as you guys hammer this man. It started with his campaign and there’s been no let-up following seven very productive months in office. One can only wonder whether the governor’s demeanor toward the Press Herald’s writers would be more pleasing to you if your approach to him were a little more, shall we say, mature – as in grown up?

I’m sorry that you can only take comfort in the fact that you were among the 62 percent that voted for someone else – you do remind me regularly – but hopefully you can find a way during this four-year term, and probably another one, to enjoy your peas.