Sandra Garson’s “How to Fix a Leek & Other Food from Your Farmers’ Market” was first published 20 years ago and was, perhaps, way ahead of its time. This revised version appears as the number of farmers markets is exploding around Maine and the rest of the country.

Garson, who lives in West Bath, follows the harvest from May through October, letting readers know when fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and other foods become available and when they disappear. The book includes a short informational essay on each item, describing how to shop for it, how to store it, and what can be done with it. Each essay is followed by a single recipe. (The leek recipe is for braised salmon with leeks.) That’s not much variety – what if you don’t eat fish, or don’t like salmon? – but Garson makes up for it by including a wide range of foods.

The recipes are simple, but sound delicious. You’ll want to try the Roasted Parsnips with Horseradish Cream from May and the Caramel Pears in the October section. Garson’s book is available through MOFGA and Pineland Farms, and has been selling out at local farmers markets, kitchen stores and other locations this summer while she seeks a national publisher. Garson will be appearing at the Maine Coast Bookshop in Damariscotta on Saturday; at River Run Books in Portsmouth, N.H., on Sept. 15; and at the Food Festival at Plainview Farm in Yarmouth on Sept. 17.