It is difficult to know where to begin when an opinion column contains so many misstatements, regurgitations of conservative talking points, exaggerations and an unbelievable lack of knowledge of the facts (“Maine GOP’s redistricting plan no cause for attack of the vapors” by M.D. Harmon, Aug. 19).

So I will narrow it to the single most reprehensible issue in Mr. Harmon’s editorial: “It is not unfair for politicians to use every legal means to support their party’s agenda.” Herein lies the crux of our political system’s problem.

As a Democrat I believe that our politicians are elected to represent the people in their district and to support agendas that benefit the largest numbers of their constituents — rich or poor; employed or unemployed; needy or well off; black or white; etc.

Conversely, Mr. Harmon and the Republicans believe that using “all legal means to support their party’s agenda” trumps their obligation to their constituents. It is especially contemptible when the Republican agenda has been purchased by big business and the wealthy.

Republican politicians blindly pursue this conservative agenda over the interests of their constituents.

How did our country’s political system get so corrupted that people like Mr. Harmon can admit this with impunity?

How can Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell say his highest priority is to make certain that President Obama is not re-elected? Isn’t his highest priority to do what is right for the American people? Where is the outrage?