WESTBROOK — The city’s former mayor and former finance director, who is banned from City Hall, will run for office in November.

At a caucus on Sunday, Republicans chose Bruce Chuluda as their candidate for mayor and Susan Rossignol to run for city clerk.

Chuluda was mayor for six years before being ousted two years ago by current Mayor Colleen Hilton.

Rossignol was the city’s finance director for 32 years. At Hilton’s inauguration in January 2010, the mayor did not reappoint Rossignol to that position.

In the following months, Rossignol was served by police with a trespass notice, banning her from City Hall. The ban was based on accusations by Hilton that Rossignol repeatedly showed up at City Hall after her employment was terminated and would disrupt the activities of her former subordinates.

When the ban expired in March, police served Rossignol with another year-long trespass notice, at the request of Hilton and City Administrator Jerre Bryant.

Republicans on Sunday also nominated three City Council candidates – Ernest Porell for Ward 4, Michael Lawson for Ward 5 and John O’Hara for an at-large seat.

Westbrook holds elections every two years for its mayor, seven city councilors and city clerk.

Republicans have until Sept. 23 to find candidates to run for the four other council seats, said Bill Holmes, vice-chairman of the Republican City Committee. He said the committee will hold a meeting at the Westbrook Community Center at 7 p.m. on Sept. 20 for that purpose.

Holmes said about 20 people attended the caucus at the community center Sunday.

City Democrats are scheduled to hold their caucus at Westbrook Middle School at 6:30 p.m. next Sunday.