Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 184 other people slid down emergency chutes from a United Airlines plane that had just pulled away from the boarding gate at Washington’s Dulles International Airport early Wednesday afternoon after the pilot became alarmed by a smoking engine.

Ginsburg, 78, was not injured during the emergency evacuation from the San Francisco-bound plane. One passenger needed medical attention, and two others who were injured declined treatment, United spokesman Mike Trevino said.

The Boeing 757 had just pushed back from Gate C19 and moved onto the taxiway when the pilot received word of the smoking engine, Trevino said, and ordered the 179 passengers and six crew members to evacuate the plane.

Airport shuttles were sent out to collect the passengers. Trevino said the passengers were put aboard another United plane and departed by 5 p.m.

There was no fire aboard the plane.