What’s wrong with this picture?

Your lead editorial on Sept. 13 was headlined, “Sunday a day of peace, thanks to many guardians.”

It was placed on the page directly above an “Another View” letter by Robert B. Huff, headlined “Right to bear arms guaranteed to law-abiding citizens.”

You rightly noted, with “relief” and “surprise,” that this latest 9/11 passed without incident. You pointed to our “national level of fearful anticipation” that increases with perceived threats.

Yet “terrorism” is not what threatens us on a daily basis. Consider the violence that appears incessantly in The Press Herald. I know, the “if-it-bleeds, it-leads” motto drives typical newspapers.

But most of those murders, murder-suicides and suicides have what element in common? It’s guns. And what posture do you take with regard to those guns? You offer huge a platform to a writer who rejoices that the Bill of Rights “absolutely guarantees my right as a law-abiding citizen to keep and bear arms, regardless of what anyone interprets that right to be.”

So what is the Press Herald’s moral responsibility?

On one part of your editorial page, you praise the “guardians” who help protect us from harm; on another part you give a voice to one who demands the right to wield weapons.

What’s wrong with this paper?