AUGUSTA — Maine Gov. Paul LePage says his administration is trying to create a stable business climate to allow private businesses to succeed and create jobs.

In his weekly radio address today, LePage says President Obama’s jobs bill will not work and does nothing more than create more public-sector jobs.

LePage says government cannot create jobs, but that it can improve the environment by which jobs are created.

The governor says he’s doing what he can to streamline regulations, reduce health care and energy costs, and work toward having a skilled workforce to make for a healthy business environment.

In the weekly Democratic radio address, State Sen. Justin Alfond says a good education system is the best job-creation program the state can have.

Alfond says without an educated workforce, the state will be hard-pressed to fill job openings and attract new investment to the Maine. He says an educated workforce is the ticket to remaining competitive.

Alfond said that the jobs of the future won’t be limited to people with bachelor’s degrees, and that the best educational path for many may be to learn a trade or a skill.