AUGUSTA – Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers told reporters that his investigations into allegations of voter fraud revealed “vulnerabilities” in Maine’s voting system but cited only one case of illegal voting.

Summers said of the about 500 names he scrutinized, one non-U.S. citizen was proved to have registered and voted in Maine in 2002. None of the more than 200 students referred to him by Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster voted illegally, he said.

But he did say some of them may be in violation of Maine’s motor vehicle laws and sent them letters to advise them to make sure their cars are registered in Maine if they intend to remain citizens.

Summers said he will draw up legislation to improve the integrity of Maine’s voting system for lawmakers to act on in January.

David Farmer is a spokesman for the Protect Maine Votes group that is hoping to overturn a recently passed law that eliminates Maine’s law allowing Election-Day registration. He said the press conference was entirely “political” and proved Maine’s system has integrity.

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