AUGUSTA — Republicans are putting forward their plan for redistricting, and may use the power of the majority to vote it through next week if talks fail to produce a compromise this weekend, Assistant Senate Majority Leader Debra Plowman, R-Hampden, said today.

The Republican plan to change the line between the 1st and 2nd congressional districts is based on an east/west divide that puts Androscoggin, Cumberland, Oxford, York and part of Franklin County in the 1st District.

The bill contains language that allows Republicans to approve the plan with a simple majority, rather than the two-thirds vote called for by current state law.

Plowman said she hopes they don’t have to resort to the majority vote, but will if they have to.

“Not using this technique is an abdication of our duty,” she said. “Is it what we want to do? Absolutely not.”

Democrats have put forward three different plans to change the districts. One of the Democratic plans earned narrow approval by a redistricting panel when the one independent on the board voted with the Democrats.

The House and Senate will meet on Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday, to vote on a reapportionment plan, more than 90 nominations by the governor, and legislation to strengthen laws against the use of synthetic halluciongenic drugs, also called bath salts.

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