PORTLAND — The Maine League of Young Voters has endorsed City Councilor David Marshall as its first choice to be chosen mayor of Portland in the Nov. 8 election, the group announced today.

In a statement, Marshall said he is “psyched that the league is endorsing my campaign for mayor.”

The group used ranked-choice voting and asked its most active members to vote for their top five choices. The slate of candidates who came in second through fifth, in order, were: Michael Brennan, John Eder, Markos Miller and Jed Rathband.

Dozens of the group’s members who volunteered at least eight hours of time in the last year were invited to vote on the endorsements.

The league held a mayoral debate Sept. 8 in which 15 candidates answered questions and challenged one another. In a less formal poll of 109 attendees after the debate, former Maine Rep. Brennan was the top choice, followed by Marshall, Miller, Rathband and Mayor Nick Mavodones.

In other contests, the League of Young Voters endorsed Zeke Callanan for City Council District 4; Josephine Okot for the at-large School Board seat; and Justin Costa for School Board District 4.

The league also says it is supporting the Yes on 1 campaign to save same-day voter registration and  opposing questions 2 and 3 about gambling. The league also supports a “Yes” vote on Question 4, the Constitutional amendment, and a “Yes” on the county bond question about revamping the Cumberland County Civic Center.

For more information, go to the league’s website.