PERUGIA, Italy — Italian lawyers described Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of killing her British roommate, as a “she-devil” and a “witch” in an appeals court Monday while calling her alleged victim a “beautiful girl in the prime of her life.”

The court also saw gruesome photos of the semi-naked, bloodied body of Meredith Kercher as two lawyers made closing arguments at the appeals trial of Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, her co-defendant and former boyfriend.

Knox and Sollecito were convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering Kercher. Knox was sentenced to 26 years, Sollecito to 25. They deny wrongdoing and have appealed their convictions, which were issued by a lower court in 2009.

“Who is Amanda Knox?” said attorney Carlo Pacelli. “Is she the mild-looking, fresh-faced person you see here, or the one devoted to lust, drugs and alcohol that emerges from the court documents?”

Pacelli represents Diya “Patrick” Lumumba, the owner of a bar in Perugia who, shortly after the 2007 murder, was unjustly accused by Knox of being the murderer.