There’s a lot of promise peeking out between the sharp machinery of Huak’s new LP “Yorba Linda.” The post-punk quartet (Jake Lowry, Joel Glidden, Stefan Hanson and Mike Cunnane) has clearly poured its heart into this energetic effort, and the result is a manic 10 tracks that recall Modest Mouse before that group went pop.

Not too much poppy to speak of here, though. The set starts off with the machine gun “Teenage Idealist,” with Cunnane’s pummeling drums carrying the tune forward, and Huak never takes their foot off the gas pedal. “Bind” features a beautifully rendered breakdown setup with speed funk and razor guitar pops. Hanson’s deft bass leads “Stuffed,” and his spaced-out work keeps the track buoyant, playing off shouts of angst in the verse.

Huak has the confidence, and shows good vigilance against self-indulgence; there’s not a sappy moment to be found on “Yorba Linda.” But sometimes there’s too much going on at once here, and the upshot is busy noise — everyone playing at full-tilt, everyone hollering to the rooftops. As the members of the young band write more together, they will become more selective with their arrangements and show a little more patience for melody.

When that happens, Huak will be ready to dominate, because this group already has all the tools.

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer.