Re: Paul Bachorik’s recent letter, he would seem to be naive in the extreme, along with too many others, to imagine that the damage resulting from the destructive decisions of the Bush-Cheney administration would almost immediately be resolved by a new administration. It will take take 10 years or more to begin to ameliorate the damages incurred by those decisions.

Mr. Bachorik’s description, “stunningly inept,” is aptly applied to the Bush-Cheney era. I believe President Obama was unprepared for the plate of scorpions with which he was confronted upon taking office. I did not vote for Obama, but I fervently want him to succeed. I believe that anyone who does not want success for their president, voted into office by the majority of voters, is entirely unpatriotic. I am waiting for the president to bring this God-forsaken war, which millions of Americans never did support, to an end.

And now, re: taxes, consider your total annual household income is $40,000. You pay $1,000 per month rent, have an oil-heated home, drive a 15-year-old car 15 miles to and from work five days a week and you travel to Augusta every two weeks to visit an aging parent. You have three children, one of whom is asthmatic. Which taxes would you hope to pay?

Loretta MacKinnon