The Press Herald’s Sept. 23 editorial, “Investigation won’t support voting changes,” was not only myopic and irresponsible but it clearly showed, once again, the paper’s Democratic bias.

It was just last year when The Press Herald opined that although it didn’t agree with the Democrats’ new tax reform law (L.D. 1495), it should not be repealed by a people’s veto. A better way, it said, was to use the election process and, if you don’t like the new law, vote out those who supported it.

When it is a Republican law being repealed, however, it’s a different story.

It’s OK for the people to get directly involved and change the law through a referendum if the GOP is the active party. The Press Herald’s bias is not even thinly veiled anymore.

Secretary of State Charles Summers’ investigation did indeed find serious weaknesses with the security of Maine’s election system: 77 voters were registered in another state, six voters were not even citizens of this country, and he found another case of voter fraud. All of this was from only a tiny statistical sample.

These and other recent revelations about Maine’s election system should send chills down the spine of anyone who loves a representative democracy. Put simply, Maine’s system is one of the least secure in the country, if not the entire civilized world.

Continuing with the existing election and voter registration system in this state is akin to leaving the vault door open on the state treasury.

It is beyond trusting. It is just plain stupid. I want the real registered voters in our state deciding our issues, not someone voting here by fraud.