SCARBOROUGH — Town Council Chairwoman Judy Roy, who was arrested on two charges of drunken driving on Sept. 17,  on Wednesday said she sees no reason to resign from the council.

Roy was released on a summons and is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 2. Police allege Roy had a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit.

“Until a judgement is rendered by the courts I find no reason, at this time, to relinquish my position on the council,” Roy said during Wednesday’s council meeting.

However, she said she would not seek to remain chairwoman after the upcoming election.

Roy also apologized to residents for her arrest, saying she takes “full ownership” of that she is “old enough and wise enough not to have put myself in that situation.”

She also asked to be allowed to navigate the legal system “unencumbered by inaccurate information, fueled by the rumor mill” and “devoid of the sometimes ruthless zeal of reporters to create the news rather than report the news.”

After reading her statement, Roy presided over a routine meeting, where the council:

• Gave initial approval to remove an ordinance provision that allows for higher fees for weekend burials at Dunstan and Scarborough Memorial cemeteries. “We should not charge a larger fee just because some died on the wrong day,” Roy said.

• Approved the first reading of a traffic and parking ordinance change that will ban parking on both sides of Pine Point Road within 20 feet of the Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center. The ban is meant to address safety concerns for people crossing the street near the center.

• Accepted donations for the heating oil assistance fund, which the town recently created with Project G.R.A.C.E. The council accepted donations from Michael Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. James Elkins, Jason McAvoy and Northeast Civil Solutions.

• Approved the creation of the Elsa the Elm Shade Tree Reserve Account, to fund the planting of trees throughout town. Councilors also earmarked all profits from the sale of goods made from the historic elm tree, Elsa, for the account. Elsa is scheduled to be felled on Oct. 15, to avoid the potential for the dying tree to fall on to U.S. Route 1.

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