NEWRY — The weather was nearly perfect as 47 couples battled course hazards in a wife-carrying contest in Newry on Saturday.

In the end, defending champs Rocco Andreozzi and partner Kim Wasko of Bethel emerged as winners at Sunday River Ski Resort’s 12th annual North American Wife Carrying Championship. They finished the final run in 49.64 seconds, shaving off 12.27 seconds from their winning time last year.

The Sun Journal of Lewiston says the course started with an uphill run and curved to a log hurdle. Once over the log stand, competitors dashed downhill toward a large trench filled with muddy water called the Widow Maker. A few husbands fell into the murky drink, dumping their partners.

For their win, Andreozzi and Wasko received a check for $620 and nine cases of beer.