After reading Bill Nemitz’s Sept. 30 column, in which he cunningly writes an open letter to Gov. LePage in his usual disparaging manner, here is a letter to Mr. Nemitz:

Dear Mr. Nemitz: Have you ever shown respect for anyone whose opinion or ideology may differ from yours?

Is it necessary for you to humiliate and degrade someone and make a mockery out of everything when you write about people who do not share your political stance? You don’t have to like Gov. LePage but you should show respect and express yourself in a more dignified manner.

From the moment he was elected, you have been insulting, condescending and downright rude. I am sure some of your readers may enjoy the slander and garbage you generate in your column, but frankly it has become very boring. Your writing skills need to be tempered with an appreciation for all who read your column.

You have readers who may not agree with your liberal ideology regarding unions or spreading the wealth. There are many problems with our economy, and the unions are part of the problem when they are not willing to negotiate and meet halfway.

What Gov. LePage understands that you don’t seem to get is that people have pride and dignity. Most do not want a handout, they want a job and they want to have hope for a secure future to raise their families. They want respect!