In regard to M.D. Harmon’s recent column, “Catholic bishops sound an alarm for members of all faiths” (Oct. 7), I am not exactly sure what Mr. Harmon’s tirade about religious freedom has to do with same-sex marriage.

It seems to me that allowing same-sex marriage increases religious freedom for the many church denominations that support same-sex marriage. It’s not being forced on anybody.

The proposed law clearly states that churches that do not support it do not have to perform same-sex marriages.

Allowing same-sex marriage would curtail the power of one religious group to impose its beliefs on another.

That’s the way it is with freedom: You let other groups do things you don’t necessarily agree with, in return for the same consideration from them.

It is not freedom for your particular group to call all the shots.

Neither will same-sex marriage “… inevitably lead to any number of anybodies in any combination.” That is Chicken Little talking.

We’re talking about two people who are committed to each other being able to get married and (it is hoped) live happily ever after. Why is that a problem?