There’s an ocean in our back yard. At any time during the day, we can see boats sailing past our windows as nonchalantly as other people observe cars passing by on the street. We’ve lived here three years now and we’re still enthralled by what we see every day. Large ships, small ships, kayaks, power boats – regardless of the type of vessel, it’s floating out there in our backyard as matter of fact as other people have lawn chairs and sports equipment scattered across their backyards. I still pinch myself every day to see if I’m dreaming.

With the arrival of autumn, there’s not as much boat traffic out there as in the dummer months.

But there are still sea birds and ocean currents that hold our endless fascination. Islands and coastline round out the view, but here’s the secret. Everyone in Maine who drives the coast from Kittery to Machias has the same privilege. We’re all surrounded by abundant natural beauty.

Question is, do you see it or take it for granted?

Marcy Tierney