PORTLAND – After nearly a month in Monument Square, the Occupy Maine movement has shifted its daily, general assembly meeting to Lincoln Park, the site of an ongoing encampment that has now grown to 35 tents and 40 people.

This evening’s assembly attracted more than two dozen participants to a meeting designed to set the group’s agenda and consider issues and potential actions.

Among the topics this evening are actions planned this Friday and Saturday in Monument Square.

The Friday event, scheduled for noon, is being described as a “day of public education” outside Bank of America’s office at One City Center. The group’s intent includes publicity over what it calls the bank’s role in the country’s financial collapse.

At noon on Saturday, Occupy Maine will join a national day of protest of police brutality and repression.

The general assembly meeting, which lasted nearly 90 minutes, highlighted the strategies of what started as an Occupy Wall Street event and has expanded to an estimated 950 locations in 80 countries, including Portland and Augusta.

This evening’s meeting in Portland was held adjacent to an expanding community of tarps, tents and lawn furniture. As darkness fell, participants stood in a circle by the park’s fountain, hashing out a series of proposals and suggestions that included ongoing teach-ins and discussions aimed at advancing the movement’s evolving goals.

On this evening, some participants also voiced one immediate goal: Securing the camp for heavy rain that’s expected tomorrow.