In a country where people are free to change the Constitution as they see fit, the time has come to assert ourselves to create an amendment to immediately replace representatives should they not fulfill their obligations to those putting them in office.

We should not have to wait until the next election to replace them.

If our representatives were aware their continued employment hinged on serving the people instead of themselves, perhaps we would finally see results in our favor. Now they do whatever suits them, with no threat of consequences.

To our representatives in Washington, D.C., it’s no big deal if they decide not to address the problems of health care/insurance, the deficit, etc.

There is no urgency to accomplish anything because they aren’t affected by the outcome. There’s no rush.

But then, who wouldn’t want a six-figure salary plus perks, subsidized gas and free health insurance among other benefits, plus the no-brainer enviable option to grant themselves a yearly $3,000 raise. And you don’t even have to show up for work!

How sweet is that? Americans must unify to create a system of government to serve them instead of our “do nothing,” “I don’t have to and you can’t make me” attitude. The time is now if we, as a country, hold out any hope for a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Otherwise, we don’t have a prayer.