With the seeming need for entertainment and niche drinks in bars lately, it feels like there are too few places to just sit back with a beer and watch a game in greater Portland. This is why I ventured out to Westbrook to check out the newest location for Thatcher’s.

Thatcher’s is already a well-established business with locations in South Portland, Windham and Gorham. In its second venture in Westbrook, it has moved into the former space of the Millside Tavern on the rotary island where Main Street, Cumberland Street and Warren Avenue intersect near the Sappi paper mill.

A healthy split between restaurant and bar space, all the Thatcher’s offer laid-back locations with great beer specials and lots of fun. Westbrook’s is no exception.

Enter from either the back entrance on Main Street or the front entrance on Cumberland, and you will realize that sports and television rule. With 10 large flat-screen TVs throughout the space (six of which hang above the bar), you are almost guaranteed to find something to watch. When I visited, I had my choice of ESPN’s SportsCenter, the ALCS playoffs, “The X Factor,” CNN, NESN and a sitcom.

Thatcher’s is divided into two distinct areas. The bar is on the lower level and is a tall, wooden monster that runs along the wall and seats up to 15 people. In addition to the bar itself, there is more bar seating at a wall ledge that runs along half of the back wall, with the same tall bar chairs. On the upper level (a mere three-step rise), there are a dozen or so short, four-top tables.

Primarily, Thatcher’s is a sports pub, and beer is the name of the game. It was at this bar that I first uttered the term “vat of beer” in describing the 25-ounce draft mugs that are available at any time.

Although the draft selection is limited to five taps, which are mostly domestic, the specials make up for it. There are $2 short Bud drafts every day, and a daily rotating “Mystery Draft” that is also $2. Thatcher’s also has a good selection of bottled beer, including Heineken, Miller Lite and Corona ($3 to $4).

House wines ($6) at Thatcher’s include such staples as pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay and merlot. Well drinks ($5.50) come in tall pint glasses, as there appears to be no shortage in value at Thatcher’s.

There are also some great pub food selections from which to choose. If you are with a group of people, just order a bunch of appetizers (Warm-Ups) to spread around the table. Want something a little more substantial? Try one of the half-pound steak burgers with a variety of toppings and sauces.

For anyone who doesn’t bleed New England Patriots blue during the fall football season, Thatcher’s offers the NFL Sunday Ticket. If you are “from away” (or if your favorite team is), you can catch all the action on Sunday afternoons. This also makes Thatcher’s a great place for fantasy leagues who want to know what all their players are doing without flipping channels.

If you are not a sports aficionado, there is still a place for you at Thatcher’s. Wednesday is Ladies Night, and drink specials include $5 cosmos and margaritas. There is also a game night with incentives for meal card holders on Tuesday nights with prizes and merriment.

Elisa Doucette is a freelance writer who lives in Saco.