Your Oct. 6 editorial condemns the efforts the Portland (and Wall Street) protesters/occupiers as calling for “radical change” instead of “careful reform.”

While I am not sure what ideas you consider “radical” (increasing taxes on the rich?) or “careful” (cutting Social Security?), what is clear is that you don’t like the bullhorn. The message of your editorial seems to be that the protesters should take their bullhorns, their painted faces and their radical ideas and go home: Let our elected folks fix the problem.

While the protesters do not have the definitive answers to the economic crisis, they certainly do have opinions about America’s economic, social and political circumstances that we readers — and you writers — need to hear.

You can be sure that your elected federal officials have taken more than a passing notice of the growing support that the Wall Street occupiers have received and of the organic nature of the protest in New York and across the country.

Where government reaction to our American circumstances has been anemic, maybe this protest will help inspire our elected people to develop a coherent and cohesive plan.

Yes, our elected officials must come up with solutions, but you and I must call them to action. I thank the folks with the bullhorns for doing so, radical ideas and all. Thanks for listening.