SACO — A Maine man was honored this afternoon for racking up more than 1 million miles on his 1990 Honda Accord.

Joe LoCicero, 53, who lives in Norway, is the first person documented by the car manufacturer to have driven a Honda to the million-mile mark, according to a company spokeswoman.

Honda and Darling Auto Group sponsored a parade down Main Street and gave LoCicero a 2012 Honda Accord.

“I like it,” LoCicero said, grinning as he sat in the new model of his Ohio-made car, which he nicknamed “True Blue.”

Known as “Million Mile Joe” through a recent advertising and web campaign, LoCicero is a master auto technician who travels throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont inspecting vehicles for warranty claims and lease terms.

The carmaker’s ad agency chose downtown Saco to hold and film the celebration because of its classic New England appearance.

LoCicero bought his Honda in 1996, when it had 74,000 miles on it. He kept it running through diligent maintenance, he said.

LoCicero’s Honda traveled about 48,000 miles per year. The average car travels 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

The electronic odometer in LoCicero’s car turned over 1 million miles on Thursday. Now, it says he’s driven 75 miles.

“I’m starting all over,” LoCicero said.