Throughout the Scarborough there are bins that are set up to collect specific items for recycling. Not only do they help our environment, but most of them help nonprofit organizations. Take the DARE bins that you see in Scarborough and Saco, for example. We are fortunate to have businesses that allow us to place these bins on their property so that we can collect shoes and clothes. The items are collected and some are donated with the rest being sold and DARE. receiving a donation from the sale. These bins are marked specifically with what items are allowed, but people are still dumping other items, everything from furniture to household trash. This trash around the bins not only makes it unsightly, which could make the property owner request the bins be removed, they also take away from our funding, seeing it costs us to remove the trash. Leaving items like this outside of the bins can be considered littering.

Basically if it does not fit in the bin, it does not belong. Large items need to go to manned facilities. Please be considerate when donating your items at these bins.

Officer Joe Giacomantonio, DARE coordinator
Scarborough Police Department

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