Supporters of the proposed Biddeford Downs casino held a press conference in Biddeford today to counter what they described as misleading and deceptive ads by the opponents of Question 2.

The ads say that the racino would draw away customers from a planned Oxford casino and thus lower the amount of revenues that the Oxford casino would distribute to K-12 education by $25 million annually.

Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, who serves on the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee, said the Biddeford racino would “not cut a nickel” from K-12 education but in fact provide $3 million annually for college scholarships and a projected $32 million into the general fund.

A “yes” vote on Question 2 would allow a racino in Biddeford as well as a racino operated by the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

Friends of the Oxford Casino, a political action committee, is funding the advertising campaign against Question 2.

Meanwhile, an anti-casino advocate is challenging the truthfulness of a new TV ad in support of Question 2.

The ad features a teacher from Pittsfield who says Question 2 is “great for education” and would provide $30 million for “things like Maine schools.”

Dennis Bailey of Casinos No! said none of the racino money would be earmarked for K-12 education, although some would go toward college scholarships. Bailey calls the ad “completely false.”