ATHENS, Greece – Greece’s prime minister survived a confidence vote early today, calming a revolt in his Socialist party with an emotional pledge to step aside if need be and seek a cross-party government lasting four months to safeguard Europe’s new debt agreement.

George Papandreou won the critical confidence motion with a vote of 153-145 after a week of drama in Athens that horrified its European partners, spooked global markets and overshadowed the Group of 20 summit in the French resort of Cannes.

The threat of a Greek default or exit from the common euro currency has worsened the continent’s debt crisis, which is already struggling under bailouts for Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Papandreou’s government came under threat this week, following his disastrous bid to hold a referendum on a major new European debt agreement.

The idea was swiftly scrapped Thursday after an angry response from markets and European leaders.