PORTLAND — City officials reacted quickly Saturday night to deny a rumor that police planned to evict dozens of Occupy Maine protesters from Lincoln Park this week.

The rumor was circulated on the group’s Facebook page, drawing condemnation and pledges of support if the police did try to oust the protesters. The group also sent out a tweet about the rumor.

But the city’s spokeswoman said there are no plans to act against the protesters, who have been camping out in the park for more than a month in support of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York.

“I don’t know how this (rumor) got started, but we have no plans to do that whatsoever,” spokeswoman Nicole Clegg said when asked about the report. “They have been peacefully protesting there and when we have brought issues to their attention, they have addressed them.”

Christopher Schislar, who said he is the encampment’s security officer, said two police officers told him a few days ago that the city was planning to move against the protesters.

“They said that there was an order that came down from City Hall, requesting an eviction from Lincoln Park,” Schislar said.

He didn’t get the officers’ names, Schislar said.

Schislar said he took the comments of the officers as a threat and said he was only “somewhat reassured” by Clegg’s denial.

Clegg said the protesters have abided by the city’s request that there be no open fires in the park and also brought in a portable toilet after city officials said they were concerned about sanitation.

“We’re taking this day-to-day, trying to balance their First Amendment rights … with the concerns of residents and businesses,” Clegg said.

The park is an important city asset, she added, and the city wants to make sure it’s protected.

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