RAMALLAH, West Bank – Palestinian officials admitted Thursday that their bid for statehood in the United Nations in all likelihood has failed.

A U.N. Security Council committee that has been considering the Palestinian application for recognition as a member state is expected to issue a final statement today saying that it had been unable to muster majority support for the bid. The committee released a draft statement earlier this week that made the same point.

Without the approval of the Security Council, the Palestinian application for U.N. membership can’t be considered by the 193-nation General Assembly, where it probably would have been approved.

Palestinian officials said they still hoped the Security Council would hold a vote to “name and shame” those who stood against them.

The Palestinians needed at least nine nations on the Security Council to vote in favor of their membership in order to move the application to the General Assembly. The United States, which holds veto power in the Security Council, had sworn to use its veto if it appeared that the Palestinians had secured the necessary votes.