On behalf of the Wentworth Intermediate School Building Committee, I want to thank the entire Scarborough community for its support on Election Day, when voters overwhelmingly approved the referendum question to replace the existing Wentworth Intermediate School with a new building.

For over a year, committee members have volunteered thousands of hours for this project. With the question now passed, the committee’s real work begins. Within the next few weeks, the committee will start the process of formalizing the new school’s design so that construction can start in 2012 and the doors to the new building can open in 2014. The committee will also continue to work on lowering the new school’s estimate and budget so that we obtain the best price for the project at the time of construction. As we work through this process, the committee will continue to face challenges and tough decisions.

Despite this, the committee will always work towards constructing a New Wentworth Intermediate School, which is healthy, safe, and fiscally responsible.

Again, both the committee and I want say thank you to the Scarborough community. Your support is greatly appreciated, and without your support, our accomplishments to date would not have been possible.

Paul M. Koziell, chairman
Wentworth Intermediate School Building Committee