Updated 9:40 p.m.

George Sproul, the father of one of the two missing girls, said his daughter is being checked out at Mercy Hospital, but she appears to be relatively healthy after running away for four days.

“She’s a little tired and cold,” said Sproul, the father of Dominique Lee Sproul.

Sproul said his daughter told him that she was at the Occupy Maine site encampment in Lincoln Park in Portland most of the time she has been missing.

Sproul also said he believes the two were found by Portland police, not by Andrea Temm Fuller, the mother of the other missing girl, Rachel Ann Fuller.


9:25 p.m.

PORTLAND – Two missing 14-year-old girls were found in Portland, the mother of one of the two is reporting on her Facebook page.

Andrea Temm Fuller indicated that Rachel Ann Fuller of Buxton and and Dominique Lee Sproul of Limington were found in the Occupy Maine encampment at Lincoln Park, although Portland police said they couldn’t confirm that.

The page indicates the two were found by Fuller and her ex-husband “pounding the pavement.” The page does not indicate whether the girls had been harmed.

Calls to both Andrea Fuller and George Sproul, Dominque Sproul’s father, were not returned. A call to the Buxton police chief, who was heading up the search for the girls, was also not immediately returned tonight.

The two had been missing since the end of classes Tuesday at Bonny Eagle High School. Police said they believed the two had run away.

Police received a tip on Thursday that the two were in the Occupy Maine encampment, but a police search did not find them.

Portland police said they had no other information other than that the girls had been located in Portland and reunited with their parents.