I want to give my heart-felt and deepest thanks to everyone who supported me in the recent Freeport Town Council election. It was my first time running for public office and I was clearly the underdog. Nevertheless, out of the 2,976 votes cast, I came within just 98 votes of winning the at-large seat. I accomplished this on a shoestring budget, without taking any outside financial contributions, and while having to work against the active opposition of the town’s political elite. It was an incredible run and thank you Freeport, for giving me such an incredible show of support.

There are many issues being discussed right now in Freeport: the hiring of a new Town manager, rezoning of rural residential areas to allow for intensified commercial development, a give-away of town land, fiscal policy changes, and a variety of budget related matters, just to name a few. There are those who like to criticize residents for taking the time to ask questions and look at the details on these issues. Clearly, however, now, more than ever, it is important for us to be looking at the details of how our tax dollars are being managed.

With that in mind, I plan to continue to stand up for Freeport’s residents and, as needed, continue to ask relevant questions. Thank you again; I am prouder than ever to be part of our truly great community.

Marie Gunning