PORTLAND — Members of Occupy Maine expect to seek a permit for their protest encampment at Lincoln Park after a deal was negotiated with city officials to address safety issues following a handful of criminal complaints.

City Manager Mark Rees said he will work with incoming Mayor Michael Brennan, who takes office early next month, to get the issue on the city council agenda in the next two to three weeks.

John Branson, a lawyer who accompanied about a half dozen Occupy Maine members to Monday’s meeting, said the permit would limit the size of the camp. It is also intended to ensure that the people who are part of the encampment are there to advance the protest’s goals, which include reducing the power of corporations in the political process.

The demonstrators said people who are part of the protest would have to sign on to a social compact that prohibits violence, drinking and drug use.

The issue was to be voted on at the group’s general assembly tonight. Branson said the group expects the number of campers to shrink even before a permit is granted.

The demonstrators still must meet with city codes enforcement staff to address lingering fire safety and building code issues, such as the presence of gas-fired heaters, and tents that are approximating permanent structures.