Kennebunk police had adequate policies, procedures and training in place when an officer fatally shot a woman last spring, according to an incident review team comprising police officials from several southern Maine departments.

The state attorney general concluded Aug. 2 that Officer Joshua Morneau was justified when he shot Katherine Paulson, 40, on March 27, concluding that he reasonably believed deadly force was threatened against him, another officer and Paulson’s mother, and that deadly force was needed to stop her.

The incident review team, which now is required by state law, looks at whether the training and policies of the department were adequate and followed in the time leading up to the shooting, according to a release from Chief Robert F. MacKenzie. The requirement grew out of a concern that even though officers may be justified in using deadly force at the moment when they do, it may be worthwhile to examine whether changing policies could have avoided the confrontation in the first place.

Kennebunk’s review panel included: South Portland Police Chief Edward Googins, Maine State Police Lieutenant Louis Nyitray, Westbrook Police Lieutenant Michael Nugent, Kennebunk Police Lieutenant Anthony Bean Burpee, Kennebunk Police Lieutenant Daniel Jones, Kennebunk Police Sergeant Anthony Clukey, and Kennebunk resident and business owner David Schulenburg.