FALMOUTH — A 47-year-old Falmouth woman faces charges of trafficking in marijuana after police seized 11 pounds, worth about $40,000, from her subsidized apartment on Depot Road.

KellyJean Kelley is free on bail after her arrest Tuesday, said Falmouth Lt. John Kilbride. Police say she had specialized lights and vents as part of a marijuana growing operation.

Police were called to the Blackstone apartments after maintenance workers said they found a marijuana plant in Kelley’s apartment. The workers were inspecting the apartment as part of an effort to evict her. Police did not know why she was being evicted.

After responding officers saw marijuana in the apartment, they obtained a search warrant and later in the day seized bags of marijuana, scales and growing apparatus, Kilbride said. There was no large sum of cash or guns.

Police anticipate the felony case will be presented to a grand jury for indictment.

Blackstone apartments are predominantly an elderly, low-income housing development.