I’m responding to a column by Rodney S. Quinn, a Democrat who is a resident of Westbrook and a former Maine secretary of state (“Efforts to restrict voting pose threat to Democracy,” Nov. 23).

Mr. Quinn, did you know Mainers must produce valid photo identification to buy alcohol, adopt a pet, purchase a rifle, write a check at Hannaford or any grocery store, make a credit card purchase at Reny’s, apply for a loan to purchase anything, start a new bank account, get married and receive a marriage license, drive, close on a house, get medical care, live in a long-term care facility and pick up a mailbox key from the post office?

We’ll add to that: get on a plane, get insurance, rent an apartment, get a job, get a hotel room, rent a car and get into a federal building.

But, Mr. Quinn, you and your opposition party say “No photo ID to vote!”

No, because that would leave people out. Given all of the above, which people would that be? The people who don’t drive, don’t work, don’t own or rent a place to live, don’t travel, don’t go to the bank, don’t get married, don’t need a mailbox key?

Mr. Quinn, would you please be kind enough to apologize to the good people of Maine for insulting their intelligence?